Book for 8/1 – Quicksilver

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Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson

Length: 318 pages

Genre: Science Fiction

Sequel to: Ultraviolet

Library Availability: 3 copies at Ramsey County, 7 copies + ebook download at Hennepin County, 4 copies at St. Paul Public Libraries

Summary: Niki Johnson has a secret. Well, a lot of secrets, actually. Like the fact that her name isn’t actually Nicola Johnson. Or that for most of her life, she’s been tracked by an alien device implanted in her arm. But now that the device is destroyed, and she and her family have moved halfway across the country and changed their names, she’s hoping for a little peace and quiet to work on her machines. Maybe join the local Makerspace.

But there are two other people who know about the device, and when one of them shows up at her home telling her that the device is still active, the two must join forces to outwit and out-engineer a mysterious interplanetary organization, before Niki is beamed off-planet and away from everyone she knows and loves – including a new boy who just might understand what she wants from a relationship.

Note: This book contains some graphic gore towards the end.


“Anderson’s strong characters and rare knack for weaving contemporary realism and emotional authenticity into hard science fiction should keep even readers in the know engaged.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Featuring yet another awesome heroine and a surprisingly high-stakes, unflinching plot, Quicksilver, to put it plainly, rocks.” — Thea James, The Book Smugglers

Potential Discussion Questions:

How do you feel about Niki’s relationship with Milo? Did it feel realistic?

How do you feel about the question of whether Niki is an alien or a human? Is it handled well?

Did you like the science fiction elements of the story? Did you find it too vague, too detailed, or just right?

If you have read the prequel, how does this book compare?

Have you participated in any Makerspace programs? What did you think of it?

R.J. Anderson is not asexual, but spent a lot of time talking to people and frequenting message boards on sites like AVEN. How well did she do? Is Niki good asexual representation?


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